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5 Copywriting Tips for Beginners

Ruslan Galba - October 1, 2019 - 0 comments

5 copywriting tips for beginners

5 copywriting tips for beginners 🔥

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Here are 5 great copywriting tips for beginners which will make your copy a whole lot better.⠀

A lot of beginners unknowingly disregard these 5 important tips.

The best of them all is number 5!

1. Break Paragraphs Up Into Smaller Ones  When writing, make sure your paragraphs are short and easy to digest.
Put each idea into one paragraph that readers will enjoy reading.
Make sure each paragraph supports the main idea you are trying to get across.
2. Focus On Your Customer Not You  Always remember that you need to be talking to your reader.
Use your words to make them feel special, that you are there to help them.
Write like you are talking to an actual person, not writing the encyclopedia.
3. Write The Way You Speak  Pretend that you are talking to a friend when writing your copy.
Don't be monotonous in your writing, instead add personality.
Make your writing easy to understand bu a 5th grader.
4. Research Your Audience  To appear relevant, you must know who you are talking to.
Research your audience's interests, what they like and dislike.
Find out their deepest pain points and use the language they use.
5. Use Storytelling  Use interesting stories to get your message across.
Use yourself or anyone you know to tell a story, or come up with one.
Storytelling is much more effective form of copywriting than anything else.
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Bonus – 6 useful marketing tools:

Crello — a free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print, and other web-based graphics.

HypeAuditor — empowers users to analyze any Instagram account for insights on audience quality and authenticity of engagement

TubeBuddy — the premier YouTube channel management and video optimization toolkit.

Funnelytics — the best funnel mapping software available to marketers and entrepreneurs today.

Notion — is a note-taking and collaboration application with markdown support that also integrates tasks, wikis, and databases.

Manychat — Messenger bot platform for marketing, E-commerce, and support.

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