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5 Stages of Design Thinking

Ruslan Galba - August 4, 2019 - 0 comments

5 Stages of Design Thinking


Building your idea on the wrong assumptions can cost your product its success.

A Design Thinking approach can help you gain valuable insights into the problem you’re trying to solve and the people who are struggling with it.

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In simple words, design thinking is the way you approach a problem to solve it.We'll walk you through the 5 stages, so you too can learn how to apply design thinking in developing you own product.1. Empathise. Immerse yourself in the problem. Engage and shadow the people who are most affected by the problem and see how they're handling it now. Conduct more or less formal interviews to get a clear understanding of who your potential users are, what characterises them, what their frustrations and goals are.2. Define. Analyse and synthetise the information you've gathered in the previous stage. Define core problems that you have seen repeating and how it manifests in different types of audiences. Make sure that you've gotten all the insights out of your research that you can, before moving forward to the next stage.Ideate. With all the valuable insights you've gained, you're ready to think about solutions. It's important to get as many ideas as possible on the table at the beginning of this session. The more approaches you can think of, and the more possible features you can put on the list for your product, the easier it will be to narrow them down.4. Prototype. Show your idea around your colleagues, a group of friends, the dedicated mentor and get validation for your solutions. The feedback you receive will be very useful in better understanding how users would behave, think and feel when interacting with the end product.5. Test. Make a realistic rendering of your product. Go wider with its promotion than your current social circles: join a startup-themed meetup, present at a pitch night, get in front of retail investors. Get real feedback from real people, that have no reason to sugarcoat their thinking. Move onto a new cycle of design thinking to build a better version of your product.Design thinking makes your product the best version of itself.

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