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9 Tips to build your personal branding

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Personal branding


There is no axiom that would irrevocably lead to success. Personal branding is a key to success in the modern world. In the building personal brand, as in the promotion of any other business, there is a beginning, a process, and the end. The main task is to turn your brand building into a continuous process that never ends.

If you tune this mechanism right way, then there will be no competitors in your industry market. Since the path to success lies in the process itself, this is a consistent chain of actions, one after the other.

There are excellent recommendations that ensured the growth of well-known personal brands. Thanks to these tips, they were able to become leaders in their industry. These recommendations will give you an understanding of how to run the content strategy, the flow of sales and bring your nonsense ahead of everyone.

1. Double-Down on your Blog and Medium


Content and expertise is the foundation. Regular post of helpful articles that answer people questions is the key to growing your personal brand.

[bctt tweet=”It does not matter the level of average page view or bounce rate. It is important – that people can give the ability to get back to your website and read more of your content. This gives a consistent stream of website visitors.” username=”deenoize”]

When you publish your article or post, add a link that allows users to receive notification about your new article.

You can inject links in the middle and at the bottom of the articles. It works very effectively. It attracts attention, but at the same time does not impose you on the user. This way your subscribers are always informed about your new stuff and can quickly go back.

Next hack includes an adding a YouTube video in the head of an article explaining the blog post at the bottom. This helps rank the YouTube video while adding an extra layer of personalization to your content.

Add a clear call to action at the bottom of posts that will relevant to the content. Try to change a call to action from article to article.

2. Be the leader on Quora


To increase website traffic with Quora you first need to choose a niche.

After this first step, your task is to answer as many questions as possible. If you want to drive traffic, you should plan on writing, at least, five hundred answers. Master this part.

Use high-quality images in the answers and be extremely honest and correct. Even after hundreds of YouTube videos, thousands of blog posts, and a lot of Quora answers, you’d think that you produced enough content already, but it doesn’t stop there.

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3. YouTube is a power

Still a couple of words about YouTube.

[bctt tweet=”Video content is now at its peak. And it will continue to grow in the coming 2019. The audience likes to listen and watch.” username=”deenoize”]

So it’s the best time to start or keep blogging on YouTube. And even after posting 100+ videos, when you’re on the leaderboard, keep releasing videos all the time. Frequency and activity in video content is a way that makes a profit time after time. And the tip in the form of SEO-optimized video descriptions and links to your website and socials will double or triple the blog traffic and enhance the personal focus of the content.

Don’t turn from this way. Five subscribers a day will become an impressive 1500+ community at the end of the year.

Don’t miss TubeBuddy — the premier YouTube channel management and video optimization toolkit.

4. You can’t miss social media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin – now people cannot live without them even a day. They need to satisfy information hunger every time they open their eyes and see the screen of their gadget.

And therefore it is a perfect promotion place! Use this in your advantage. Fill social networks with content, specify direct links to your blog in posts, communicate with subscribers and be close to them in spirit.

Communication with subscribers and feedback is a very powerful tool. In your answers, you should make reference to your other socials. It works like a boomerang and stimulates sales at the maximum level. In the eyes of users, this increases your activity and makes you alive and accessible for communication.

[bctt tweet=”The SEO optimization in your posts acts as a permanent resource for driving traffic. Redirecting people to your website will allow them to subscribe to your weeklies and get your services.” username=”deenoize”]
3 useful marketing tools:

Crello — free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web-based graphics.

HypeAuditor — empowers users to analyze any Instagram account for insights on audience quality and authenticity of engagement

Manychat — Messenger bot platform for marketing, E-commerce, and support.

5. Try “hype” platforms

Almost every month there are born new social networks in different niches. Maybe it is time to experiment with their use? Because if one of them “shoots” – you will win on it. The good examples are:

  • Snapchat – if you want to cover the younger generation.
  • TikTok – the place for singers, comics, artist and other types of creative people.
  • Twitch – if you are into the game niche it’s a good idea to grow your influence on your platform.
  • Reddit – this one definitely not a new one but could be a source of a different kind of audience for your blog
  • Shapr – the baby from Linkedin and Tinder J. Basically, this platform is a Tinder for business meetings.

6. Get authority from the side

guest blogging

To declare yourself as a personal brand, you need to show your expert opinion from the side. Pay attention to guest blog posts. “Guest posting” means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. It’s a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out. It also helps to build relationships, it’s great for search engines and it, of course, introduce you to new people.

Here is the perfect and easy framework:

  • Find guest post targets;
  • Get your guest post ready;
  • Send your pitch;
  • Publish your guest post;
  • Promote the article;
  • Track your results.

7. Hop on podcast. Or make one

If you want to connect with people (and potentially new clients), you should pitch yourself to podcasters regularly. Perfect if it is to be weekly but in reality of a busy world try it one time per month.

Podcasts are about being real and cutting out the baloney. Sure that your marketing materials, social media profiles, and website looks polished and professional.


Of course, you need to talk to your host and the audience like you’d talk to a friend. Be real. Talk like a human, not a brand.

Take care about technical part – microphone and headphones. Be serious about it. Don’t think all you have to do is be on your phone and it’s all good.

Once your show is published, it’s time to promote the show like crazy.

If you want to build a lasting relationship with the host, help ’em out. Share your show within your channels. Other podcasters will want you on their show if they see that you promote it heavily. Win-win.

If you feel strongly about yourself in podcasts’ world why not to make your own? There is an awesome app for that called Anchor. In short – it’s amazing. You can use it to cut your voice records, add music and jingles even add voice messages from your subscribers. After your podcast is ready it will handle all heavy lifting of distribution. It can post to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and a bunch of other places with one click. It’s awesome and free for all platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android. A Gem!

8. Retarget them

[bctt tweet=”Marketing is a game of numbers and engagement.” username=”deenoize”] If you have a strong base of warm subscribers, it makes sense to include retargeting to website visitors as well as the current list of people who opted-in with their emails.

Run retargeting ads on both desktop and mobile. It works well on a low budget. But make some work on content: short posts work best for mobile, long ones – on a desktop.

If you have a strong Instagram channel, then it’s important to focus on retargeting there. You already have strong social validation and the ad inventory on Instagram is astonishing. This means you can often achieve a lower cost per click and cost of acquisition on Instagram.

Here recommendations for running four types of retargeting ads:

1) Segment Facebook Ads

Here you need to showcase only appropriate ads to a specific segment of people who more inclined to use your services or products. At the start, you can conduct a test by running 2-5 videos for each segment and then leave the most attractive one for each audience.

2) Ensure audience trust

Parallel to the launch of the advertisement mentioned above, publish and promote one article that will help you gain the trust of users. Here again, the main weapon is honesty and simplicity.

3) Avoid too salesy content

You have posted an article to attract the attention of subscribers who have already seen your ad on another resource. Add a direct link to your website or blog, with the same content. Specify the original publication source. It will keep the credibility of your target audience.

Facebook has an excellent feature: it saves the audience that has already watched your video. This tool very useful because you know now that this audience is responsive to your content and they will be much more interested to see more.

4) Make sure you have a quality product

Before you sell a product for the money, give customers the opportunity to test it for free.

Set up a low barrier to the purchase of your product or service. Send personalized offers, and then redirect them to your website. So that people can consult about a product for free or get a callback.

Given the cost of retargeting, you should pay attention to this tool in promoting your personal brand.

9. Know your analytics

google analytics

Do not forget about the analytics. It is not an extra, it is a base need. Control which sources bring in more customers and which ones carry overhead for the company. You will make correct and thoughtful decisions, relying on accurate data.

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