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About Problem / Solution Fit

Ruslan Galba - October 30, 2019 - 0 comments

About Problem / Solution Fit

About Problem/Solution Fit⁣ 🤝

Courtesy of @daniandor_uiuxdesigner⁣⁣

⁣01 What is Product/Solution Fit?

⁣⁣02 Key question: Do I have a problem worth solving?

What is Product / Solution Fit?  This is the stage where you discover a valid solution for a problem worth solving for a sizable population.
Key question: Do I have problem worth solving?  a. Is this something customers want? (must have)
b. Will they pay for it? If not, who will? (viable)
c. Can it be solved? (feasible)
Customers don't care about your solution. They care about their problems.  – Dave McClure

Bonus — 8 useful tools for everyday usage:

GetResponse — an email marketing platform that enables you to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so you can develop relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base.

Manychat — visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger with broadcasts, analytics, scheduled posting and many other features!

Crello — free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web-based graphics.

Funnelytics — the best funnel mapping software available to marketers and entrepreneurs today.

FlyWheel — is managed WordPress hosting built for designers and creative agencies.

Integromat — is a powerful automation tool that connects your apps and services to work smarter, not harder.

Leadpages — lets you build beautiful, high-converting websites, unlimited landing pages, pop-up forms you can add to your other websites.

FlowKit — allows designers to create frighteningly fast user flows within Sketch and Figma.

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