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Brand Strategy Explained: 9 Simple Steps

Ruslan Galba - September 24, 2019 - 0 comments

Brand Strategy explained in a way that might make greater sense 🔥

Courtesy of @gdayfrank

Even if you’re not into football/soccer, you should be able to follow this analogy: ⁣⁣

Let's look at what brand strategy does for your brand, as if it were: A Football team.

1. Look at your brand as if it were a football team ⚽️ ⁣⁣

Playbook: the brand strategy  The Detail: Even winning team and coach has a strategy for winning and is referenced in a playbook tailored to the team.

2. The Playbook: a brand strategy is like a coach’s playbook that establishes winning strategies based on your brand’s pain points or business objectives. ⁣⁣

General Manager: You (Client)  The Detail: You are the person operating the team (the brand). You need a coach and a strong lineup of players to win games.

3. The Owner or General Manager: Is YOU as the business/brand owner. You call the shots but to overcome your pain points and succeed with your business objectives you may consider bringing in a coach (brand strategist) to reach that success.⁣⁣

The Coach: Me (Brand Strategist)  The Detail: You sign on a coach for a season to understand what each player can do and establish a game plan of set plays or strategies to score goals and win games.

4. The Coach: Is someone like ME as a brand strategist/brand identity designer. We understand your team (brand), players (branding elements) and work with you to establish a winning strategy to train your players to get the ball (products/services) to the goal (the customer).⁣⁣

The Players: Your brand attributes, visual identity, messaging, packaging, marketing, social media...  The Detail: these players are the stars of your brand. They are what fans come to see and are tasked with getting the ball to the goal.

5. The Players: Are all the parts of your brand that your customers interact with. They are your brand attributes, messaging, visual identity, marketing, social media, advertising, website, etc. As a coach, I can work with your existing players or bring in a new roster of particular players if the team needs improvement in those areas.⁣⁣

The Ball: your products or services  The Detail: Everyone that is a part of this team wants the ball to reach it's goal to win.

6. The Ball: The ball is your products and/or services. If the ball is the wrong size or colour or it’s just a bit flat and needs pumping up we can look at that.⁣⁣

The Goal: Your Customers  The Detail: The goal is waiting to be scored but it can only be scored if the players can get the ball past the opposition.

7. The Goal: Are your customers and are guarded by a goalie that are their buying objections. So we need to apply a strategy to pick which way the goalie is going to dive to score in open space.⁣⁣

The Opposition: Your pain points  The Detail: The opposition could slide tackle your players with low sales/engagement, a forgettable logo or buyer objections.

8. The Opposition: Are your pain points that are getting in the way of your success. They could be low sales/engagement, a forgettable logo or a limiting business mindset.⁣⁣

The Season: The business goal  The Detail:  The season strategy reveals how to win each game (business goals) to be season champions (overall brand objective).

9. The Season: Our season-long strategy is to win each game (the business goals) and hopefully win the championship (overall business objective).⁣

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