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Fake it till you make it

Ruslan Galba - March 11, 2019 - 0 comments

Be like a professional

Americans have a popular saying: fake it till you make, which can be translated like this: “pretend until you become” or “pretend until it works out.”

I was surprised to find how few people use this proverb in life and business. But with proper use, this principle leads to success.

The bottom line is that we can not immediately become an expert when we start something. At the same time, others want to work only with experts. Beginners are not interesting. 

Therefore, at the first stage, when you are just starting a project, career or business, it is important to act like a professional – to target big customers, to speak confidently and harshly, to behave as if you have already achieved success and have been doing this business for twenty-five years.

They don't believe newbies

“People who show their “greenness” and “novice”, always remain in the last train – in the role of students.”

People who are ready to take on difficult projects even without experience, at the first talks, behave as if they are already made it a thousand times, and demonstrate in every possible way an examination. This way they quickly take the best positions and succeed.

In this case, “pretend” will not be there for long: once on the place of ambition comes real success, you can remove the mask and act “sincerely.”

The principle applies to appearance: do not hesitate to look cool when the situation requires that. For example, to talk about money with a stranger. Wear an expensive jacket and watch, simply because these are markers people look at-even those who deny it. One study showed that people believe more in medical diagnosis if it was presented by a man in a white coat, and not in jeans.

If you want to sell something, kick the door, say that we are the best in the market, and name a high price. Two out of ten will ignore the performance, two more will find you out of the mind, but the rest will buy the image of self-confidence and become clients.

In short, hack of the week: fake it till you make it. Success will come to you sooner than you will be tired of pretending. Click To Tweet


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