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How to read business literature to make life better every day?

Ruslan Galba - February 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Are we talking about you?

Hello, dear friend, you will probably recognize yourself here as I do. You read a hundred, well, fifty books a year. Books about influence and leadership, about motivation, biographies of great people, about finances, some professional literature. You take a screenshot when someone recommends a book in your favorite social media, downloads or buys books in front of you and then read them one by one.

By the way, Grigory Avetov recently spoke at the business forum and said that he was asked 50 times a day: “What to read?

Perhaps you, just like I did in my day, have a problem. Behind my back, there are more than a hundred books I read. Probably I could build a whole library in fact. But there was no practical knowledge in my head, and I want to reread some books. Okay, it’s not a big deal, but there’s not much skill in it either.

Imagine a situation where you need to apply leadership skills – you don’t remember what was said in your favorite book. You need to make a financial model with a simplified system – you don’t know what the leading indicators are. All this makes us think. Why so?

Why do I read so much and can do so little?

Cognitive learning is too superficial. Let’s imagine an avid fan who knows the whole mat. Part of all the sports represented at the Olympic Games, but he did not become a great athlete from this.

[bctt tweet=”You can spend hours watching boxing, but never learn how to hit a hook.” username=”deenoize”]

It seemed to be an obvious thing, but no. Every day thousands of people are engaged in this self-deception. People download and buy books, the names of which promise to solve all your problems. We read, find a solution to the problem, but we do not have time to assimilate. We highlight the main thing, put bookmarks, and then get into a difficult situation. And nothing happens.

Cognitive models do not help. In the most challenging moment, they are not at hand.

What to do to accumulate skills and abilities as well as the read books?

Let’s present a typical story: “How to become productive and successful?” A book that tells the story of a millionaire, a successful businessman, and philanthropist who has fallen a thousand times in his life, and a thousand times and once rise up. In this book, the author makes it clear what to do and how to do it, gives advice, highlights, captures and writes. That’s all.

Attention to the question. We have just read the story of a millionaire. Will one of us become a millionaire thanks to this book? Doubtful.

It’s just that no one will apply the knowledge gained. We will find you a thousand reasons. We haven’t had time, we are busy, etc. Masters of martial arts do not read books on fighting techniques, they practice every day.

[bctt tweet=”All those who have achieved something and wrote books that we learn with you are distinguished by one thing – the action. To do. Try. To make a mistake.” username=”deenoize”]

We have read and learned how to make cool financial plans, but now we have read the problem has become irrelevant. Take it and create it again, fit in somewhere where you will have to apply the new skill, preferably several times.

I am summing up for you in the form of a check-list of the finished book. Although for 90% it will be another article they will ever use at the best of times.

Checklist of the just finished book:

1. Write in 60 seconds, everything you understood from the chapter in the book.
2. Are you answering the question: How will I apply this knowledge today?
3. You applied your knowledge for at least two times.
4. Discussed the result with a friend.

Do it with every book – practice every day.

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