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How to remember everything you learned and have fun in the process?

Ruslan Galba - February 21, 2019 - 2 comments

Short answer – teach

You are most likely to think that I am going to tell you here about numerous common ways to improve your memory such as regular repetitions, learning interesting and emotionally colored information, writing down all of what you’re learning and so forth, aren’t you? No way!

I'm sure that you’ve already tried some of them before but failed to achieve good results. Most of the above methods do work well, though look separate and can’t solve the problem of improving your memory fundamentally.

Which of those methods do I have to use, why and when? Should I combine some of them or use them separately? How long do I have to follow the chosen method? All these questions are typical of those who are trying to improve their memories by applying the above techniques.

Unlike the above, one of the most effective ways to easily remember all you learned before is teaching others. I am going to tell you about this method in detail below.

How to find out what your strengths are and what is worth learning?

It’s very important to understand who you are as a person. Individuals are all unique by nature and talented in just one or maybe two specific areas of which they themselves often have vague ideas.

To be successful in life, you should know the strengths that you possess and identify the areas at which you are good. Here are a few tips that can help you find out your strengths.

1. Don’t ignore any compliments

Remember for what other people have ever praised you and said compliments to you. Human beings tend not to notice what they do easily and well. It often seems to us that if we are good at something, then all other people are good at it too. It’s a wrong opinion. People differ greatly, and areas at which they are good to differ greatly as well.

2. Return mentally to your childhood

In the childhood you used to do what you liked to, didn’t you? Remember what things you liked to do the most. It’s entirely possible that those things required skills that you should have developed.

3. What are your strengths?

Have you ever found yourself in difficult situations which called for prompt solutions? If so remember which of the skills you used to get out of those situations with dignity.

How to be more creative?

Your prior knowledge is the entry point for learning, but it’s not enough to only rely on it. You should also be creative to make progress in learning. Here are some useful tips that are bound to help you be more creative.

1. Combine your ideas

The amount of creative ideas increases exponentially if they are derived from different areas of knowledge. Therefore, the more there are areas of knowledge at which you are good the greater the chances are for you to be creative.

Master new skills in other areas of knowledge and your creativity based on the synthesis of ideas taken from different areas of knowledge will increase exponentially. Click To Tweet

For example, if you are well up in both programming and web design, then you get an opportunity to create beautiful websites based on your new combined ideas.

2. Break down the emotional barrier to skill acquisition

When starting a new business, the emotional factor, on which your hope and faith in success often depend, plays an important role. Everyone knows how hard to take the first steps to learn something new: one is afraid of failure and lacks confidence.

Although, you shouldn’t think that the fear of failure is sort of a streak of oddity just typical of newbies and losers, whereas real leaders don’t have it at all. In fact, all people experience this feeling, but the leaders know how to process this feeling in the right manner much better than others. That’s why they’re leaders.

3. Externalize your thoughts

Another reason to be creative is getting rid out of your old ideas for new ones. What does it mean? You begin coming up with creative ideas only if you’re done with old ones and your mind is free and ready for generating something new. So, don’t keep in mind all your old thoughts! Store them on the Internet.

Of course, you can store your information in a safe place not showing it to anyone, but the best way to get rid of the ideas already processed by your brain is to share them with other users all over the world by creating articles, online courses, video tutorials, and other useful web products, and then posting them on your own or third-party sites.

4. Get rid of your current concerns

According to a number of authoritative studies conducted in the 2010s, financial troubles reduce human ability to make the right decisions in new situations.

This is because the human brain can store and process only a certain amount of information at the same time since its capacity is limited.

That’s why it’s necessary for you to constantly free your mind from urgent concerns by solving your current financial and other problems.

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How to find time for learning?

It’s common knowledge that learning is an important determinant thanks to which we achieve success in life. Many people say that they’re eager to learn, but can’t just find time for learning because of other important things they have to do every day.

Which of your things are worth doing and why?

Are your other things as important as you used to think? All things that human beings are used to doing every day can be divided into several groups based on their urgency and importance:

– The first group consists of things both urgent and important to you. Those are things thanks to which you make progress in life. For example, this group includes work-related things as well as things that can help you get out of crisis situations.

– The second group includes things that are important to you, but not that urgent. Learning other areas of knowledge and acquiring new skills are in this group. If you don’t do these things you lose nothing and your life won’t get worse, but if you do you get an opportunity to change your life for the better.

– The third group contains essential things, but not that important to you. Social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so forth, on which you may spend a significant amount of your time, are good examples for this group.

– At last, all other things are included in the fourth group. These things are not urgent. They are not that important to you either. An example is online games you may play on nights.

What are your priorities?

To find time to learn something new every day you should just know your priorities and only do things important to you. Click To Tweet

Based on the above classification you can think the first two groups to be your priorities. So, focus on them and set aside or remove your other things from the list of your everyday things to do.

Following this way, you are sure to get rid of many things that lead you nowhere. You lose nothing if you stop doing them, but you get some extra time for your new jobs by cutting time from unimportant activities. That’s exactly what you need!

Eliminate all factors that distract your attention from learning.

Nobody and nothing, including your family members, friends, pets and other things, have to distract you when you learn. Plan your actions taking into account the time for learning and, of course, let your family know about your schedule.

This way, you can forget about distractions and concentrate fully on the process of learning to achieve better results.

How to find time to write and teach others?

Not all of us are teachers in schools, at colleges or universities, but today you don’t have to change your profession just because of teaching others. Staying at home, you can teach others online by writing good articles on any topics at which you are good and in which you are interested in.

How to start writing?

First of all, you should realize that your new job requires you to change your behavior. Writing is your regular work from now on! Of course, the first steps are always hard, that’s why you should get ready for the fact that you will work hard for the first some weeks or maybe even months.

Create a blog or website, write articles and post them on it regularly. Get in the habit of writing and publishing a certain amount of text every day, say, one or two articles or a thousand words. It would be quite enough.

About what should you write?

You can start writing articles about anything you like. Start writing with topics in which you are most interested in yourself or/and at which you are good and share your useful and interesting tips and ideas with other people all over the world.

This way, sometime later you are sure to get an audience engaged in your content. In fact, that’s what you need. Your audience reads your articles and asks numerous questions depending on how deeply you’ve interested your fans.

Your answers to these questions give you two important incentives to keep writing. Firstly, you increase and improve your knowledge and expand your writing topics, in search of competent answers. Secondly, your fans somewhat make you write, make you continue the creative process once started by you.

You teach other people what you know well, while your fans get useful knowledge from you and give you food for thought for your future work as well. So, this process looks beneficial to both you and your audience.

Don’t be scared of writing on topics you may think personal and don’t ask yourself questions like “Will my fans agree with what I’ve written or begun criticizing me?” All these concerns and doubts are just a way to quitting writing. So, protect yourself from them only by leaving them aside.

How to make time to write?

It is obvious that your new job requires additional free time, but where could you take it? Every day you as a general rule have a number of routines like watching TV, playing various online games, drinking with your friends and so forth, don’t you?

You are certain to fail when having a try at including the new job on the list of what you used to do before because a day on Earth is limited to just 24 hours. So, first of all, you should exclude some of your routines to get extra time for writing.

Write down the routines you don’t like the most and then replace one or two of them with your new job. So, you make some time for writing.

Is it worth waiting for the moment you are completely ready for writing?

Don’t hesitate to get down to writing waiting for the most appropriate moment you are 100% ready because you’ll never get it for the following reason.

It’s well-known that the brain is the largest consumer of energy in the human body. Respectively, the less our brain works, the less it consumes energy. So, its most convenient way of being is not thinking at all because of the lowest possible energy consumption. That’s why the human brain is very lazy by nature.

In order not to think, our brain tends to search for various excuses that we often take for our own ones. Click To Tweet

The excuses appear when you wait. The longer you wait, the worse your chances are of ever getting down to writing.

The situation is clear: there is no alternative but to make your brain think. Lowering your expectations is a good way not to be disappointed with your new job at the very beginning as well.

So, start writing as soon as possible in spite of any imaginary or real obstacles and your efforts are bound to be rewarded in the long run!

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