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How to Show Value to Your Clients

Ruslan Galba - November 8, 2019 - 0 comments

How to Show Value to Your Clients

How to Show Value to Your Clients 🔥⠀

Courtesy of @juju.branding

When I decided to step away from the agency I was working at to start my business, I wish I had this way of thinking already engraved in my head.

It took a while to start thinking on a deeper level to help my clients.

I used to be the «What color do you want for your logo?» kind of designer.

It wasn’t until I came in contact with @thechrisdo and @thefuturishere that I had a mind shift.

But even still, the mind shift was there but the idea of asking the right questions still had not sunk in yet.

It was through the practice of asking these «right questions» that I started to see the benefit it had for myself and my clients.

I remember the first time I started to ask my prospects questions that helped bring out insights not even they knew existed, I was in actual disbelief. I remember thinking ” this is powerful stuff» (and I wasn’t even good at it yet…still have a lot to learn)

Show your clients that you are not just a designer.

You are a critical thinker.

You are worth more than you think.

It's simple. Ask the Right Questions.
We often get so caught up with "showing value" that we over complicate it for ourselves, and our clients.
Asking questions separates you from the pack. Yes man/woman. You're a Critical Thinker.
"Why do you need this now?"
"Why do you believe this to be true?"
Stop being a YES man.
Start being a WHY man.
When clients are vetting. Who will they choose? The YES man or the CRITICAL THINKER?
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