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Is Agile Diary so powerful to achieve your goals?

Ruslan Galba - February 28, 2019 - 0 comments

Self-management issues

Sometimes, I ask people about their goals for the year. About 30% answered clearly and confidently. But still, it shows that the majority of people do something for the sake of not quite clearly formulated results for them. And it seems that if you fix it, you can get an exciting effect.

I have consciously set my goals for five years already, and I wish I’d started doing it much earlier

Earlier this my friend gave me an Agile diary for the new year, which I wanted to try. And at first glance, it may sound like a bullshit-bingo, but in fact, it is one of the most important gifts for the New Year.

Every day at work we use agile, scrum, design thinking and a lot of other methodologies that we read about in Medium. And it seems to us that it is entirely reasonable and correct because we are solving specific tasks. But at the same time, many of us cannot resolve such simple functions as playing sports at least twice a week or reading a book, at least 5 minutes a day and a lot of others. I’m not talking about launching any of my projects.

What is Agile diary?

I decided to make a diary for ordinary life, based on Agile methodology. All the time it breaks down into 9-week sprints, in which you set 3 ambitious goals for yourself. Nine weeks is quite enough to launch some more or less large side project, to organize some exciting trips, to prepare the portfolio and change the work so exciting and so on.

Next, these three goals are detailed, divided into weeks, and then poured out into the tasks for the day. All of us know that we need to eat the elephant in pieces. But it is one thing to remember, and another to do. So this diary helps to do exactly that.

There are still sections with templates for the formation of habits, generation of ideas, making wish-lists and so on.

There is also another critical section for daily reflection. Every day the diary offers to write down the essential achievements of the day and the gratitude of the day.

It is always more advantageous for our brains to remember and concentrate on problematic issues because they require some reaction. And the decisive moments, as a rule, do not need any opinion, they just happened. And that’s how it seems to us every time at the end of summer or the end of the year that time has passed again, but nothing unusual has happened. And in fact, every day there are a lot of events that bring joy, bring us closer to the goal, and which are worthy of gratitude.

And do not think that this is some advertising. I think that this diary is handy.

Let’s hope that there will be more and more people who set and achieve their goals!

Bonus — 8 useful tools for everyday usage:

Notion – all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task management.

Manychat — visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger with broadcasts, analytics, scheduled posting and many other features!

Crello — free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web-based graphics.

Funnelytics — the best funnel mapping software available to marketers and entrepreneurs today.

FlyWheel — is managed WordPress hosting built for designers and creative agencies.

Integromat — is a powerful automation tool that connects your apps and services to work smarter, not harder.

Leadpages — lets you build beautiful, high-converting websites, unlimited landing pages, pop-up forms you can add to your other websites.

FlowKit — allows designers to create frighteningly fast user flows within Sketch and Figma.

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