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Learn Customer Experience Pyramid

Ruslan Galba - September 1, 2019 - 0 comments

Learn Customer Experience Pyramid

Understanding the WHY behind a customer’s attitude and behaviour towards your product is much more important than understanding how loyal or satisfied a customer is.

If you want your customers to have a good time engaging with your services, you need to start improving these three pain points:

1️⃣ From the basics: «Does my CX meet my customer’s needs?»
2️⃣ To more advanced questions like: «Is my CX easy to use and navigate?»
3️⃣ Then, a more mature phase: «Is my CX enjoyable for my customers?» The CX Pyramid measures customer loyalty in a logical order from the baseline essentials to more sophisticated business metrics.

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Intro. C Pyramid. According to a Walker study by 2020, 86% Buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Customer Experience (CX) is a key differentiator for future-proof companies. But, how do you know if your strategy is successful? Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) contribute to that perfect experience? And how do you measure those?
Definition. Forrester Customer Experience Pyramid. The CX Pyramid measures customer loyalty in logical order from the baseline essentials to more sophisticated business metrics.
1. Meet the Needs. The first stage of the CX pyramid covers the basics: How effective is a company in a meeting their customer's needs?  This stage goes hand in hand with the CX metric Goal Completion Rate (GCR) which asks the customer: Were you able to reach your goal?  Ask question. 
Did you reach your goal today?
- Yes
- Partially
- No
2. Ease of Use. How easy was it for your customer to reach their goal and finish a certain task on the website? To measure this you can use the Customer Effort Score (CES). The idea behind CES is that organization create loyal customers when their customers can find what they're looking for or solve their issues quickly and easily.  Ask question.
How easy was it to do tasks X,Y or Z?
- Strong Disagree
- Disagree
- Somewhat Disagree
- Somewhat Agree
- Agree
- Strong Agree
3. Enjoyable Experience. You can use a Customer Satisfaction or emotional rating question focused on how your users feel. Why?  A Hubspot study found that over 80% of companies believe retention is cheaper than acquisition - keeping your customers happy pays off.  Ask question. 
How enjoyable was it to buy from your platform?
Case Study. How Amazon & Uber Rewrite CX. Amazon's approach to CX was to start fresh and focus at the top of the CX pyramid. Uber did not start with the existing taxi system, study consumer complaints and launch a new uniform company with cleaner cabs or friendlier drivers; instead, Uber rewrote the CX of urban transportation.
Conclusion. Long Story Short. In the future, brands will not succeed because they have CX programs. They will succeed when CX is driven from the top, is integral to company culture, guides the behavior and actions of all employees, spans silos, and ensures that products and services satisfy consumers' most important needs.  If you want your customers to have a good time engaging with your services, you need to start improving all three pain points.
Must-Read Customer Experienced Books.
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