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The reasons why you will never be a successful influencer

Ruslan Galba - September 13, 2019 - 0 comments

The reasons why you will never be a successful influencer

Being an influencer

It seems like the perfect job.

Making a few Instagram pictures from a beach somewhere in Spain, Having thousands of followers or travelling with huge brands around the world.

Yes, these things might happen, but this isn’t the real lifestyle all the time.

People who want to ‘Be’ and influencer are often missing the point. It requires a ton of work to constantly produce new content. You also have to remember that you become an influencer by sharing what you love in an authentic way. Don’t start a youtube channel to do gaming or beauty videos because everyone else is.

What do YOU like? What are YOUR talents?

Obsessed with coffee? Start a coffee page that travels around the country for local shops. Giant shoe collection? Share it!

Are you a single parent working 4 jobs and taking care of all your kids? Share it on YouTube!

People don’t come or watch for all these fabricated stories that we see so often. The moment you start sharing YOUR story in YOUR authentic way people will come to you. Why? Because it’s REAL.


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Not treating it like work.  Working with brands requires effort. A serious career in the influencer industry is not a side hustle, even if it often seems like that.  If you're not willing to spend time. DON'T DO IT.
Do it for the money.  The most successful influencers became known through doing what they love Photographers, Gamers, Make-up artists, Models.  Smart brands look for people with passion. Not people with followers.
Copy the limits.  We often see how others got big and think we should do something similar to gain the same results.  The opposite is true. Don't limit yourself by following someone else's journey. Create your own brand and be AUTHENTIC.

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