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What is new on Instagram?

Ruslan Galba - September 11, 2019 - 0 comments

What is new on Instagram?

Instagram will get some pretty exciting updates such as:

✅ Shopping through Instagram

✅ Creator profiles

✅ Possibly removing likes⠀

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Goodbye Likes!  Instagram is testing out a new feature to hide the amount of likes on an instagram post. Instagram wants to prioritize the quality of content and get rid of the pressure of 'getting likes'
Creator Profiles.  Similar to business profiles, Instagram has now released 'Creator Profiles'. The features are similar, but creators profiles get a little bit more insights in their analytics such as follower/unfollower data. These profiles are especially made for people like influencers, artists, and public figures.
Direct Buying.  See a product you like on an instagram post? Starting soon, you might be able to buy this directly through Instagram. Influencers will get a special tag feature to tag products in their instagram posts.
New Stories Camera.  The story camera will get an updated design.  The circular design will have all the features from filters and stickers.  There will also be a 'create mode' that allows you to use stickers without having to post a photo.
Donation Stickers.  A new donation feature will be added to stickers. This allows people to directly raise money for nonprofits through instagram stories.
Away Mode.  Instagram might release away mode to combat bullying and support mental health. This feature allows you to take a break from Instagram or specific features for a period of time instead of deleting your account.
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