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The most important number is ROI 📈

Targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Youtube allow you to get more potential clients into your funnel and increase revenue drastically. We increase ROI and ROAS by segmenting the audience to bring the individual message to each audience. Bringing them the maximum value, and you the maximum profit.

How much?

ROI booster

$ 1 500 + 5% Ad Spend

per month

  • Strategy session
  • Setting up Facebook Ads Manager
  • Collect and segment the target audience
  • Testing the audience, formats, devices
  • Adjusting the prices of a click/subscriber/request
  • Monthly report of campaign result

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Relevant Cases

Relevant Cases

Facebook Messenger Ads for SAAS Company

Goal: to achieve a lower cost per lead for Facebook ad campaign. Previously the client (saas company) was paying $150 per lead with their existing campaign.

Implementation: Facebook to messenger ad campaign type, which was optimized for messages. Once users clicked on the ad they were taken to a Facebook messenger chatbot.

Result: with Facebook messenger ads and chatbot lead profiling we managed to cut the cpl down to $5. That’s an epic 30x reduction in cpl.

Facebook Post Engagement Ads for an Agency

Goal: to get as much exposure as possible on Facebook and Instagram for the lowest possible cost.

Implementation: we created a lot of content for an agency blog and posted it to the social media channels. Created post engagement campaigns with targeting to smb owners.

Result: cost per post engagement $0.001 for Instagram and $0.004 for Facebook.

Facebook Conversion Ad campaign for SAAS Company

Goal: saas company wanted us to increase an amount of trial signups and decrease cpa.

implementation: we created the video ad with an explainer of the product. Also installed conversion event to the website so we can track and optimize Facebook algorithm for the north star metric achievement.

Result: 2.2 million views, 4,2 thousand reactions, 594 comments, 509 shares. 42% increase in ctr and decrease the cpa by 28%.

Facebook Traffic Campaign for Personal Brand

Goal: get targeted traffic to the persona’s blog with lowest cpc.

Implementation: we optimized the campaign for landing page views and targeted broad audience in terms of geolocation but squeezed it with behavioral targeting.

Result: after a few months of pixel seasoning we were able to achieve a consistent $0.10 per landing page view.

Facebook Video Ad with Reach Optimisation

Goal: the main goal was to achieve the lowest possible cpm and get in front of as many eyeballs as possible for branding purposes.

Implementation: to get as much attention as possible we chose the video format for ads so we can track how much users like to interact with video (3-sec/95% video views).

Result: cpm was decreased by 76%. The video-view rate increased by 33%. Cost per result is $0.02 video views and $0.59 video complete. Even though it was a brand awareness campaign as a bonus we got a reasonable $1.87 cpc.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads for Lookalike Audience

Goal: to create a campaign for a custom audience and generate leads for the lowest possible cost.

Implementation: instead of a traditional website with a form for lead capturing in this campaign we used facebook lead ads. Users stay on the platform which helps us to avoid losses in the website’s funnel.

Result: impressive cpl of $0.36.

What else?

Targeting works. But it's only one piece of a successful marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

It’s time to go social. I’ll make it simple.

Social media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide.

Instagram Growth

We'll pump your Instagram

Powerlikes helps your followers see your posts, and they also give you more chance of hitting Instagram Explore Page depending on your content.


Be on the top of Сhatbot Era

Using chatbots in your business allow you to stay one step in front of your competition – a truly effective automated lead generation system.

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Want to hire me?

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