​​Hey fella entrepreneur! Recently I’ve reread Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. Share with some findings from the book.


Create Long-Term Relationships!

Getting people's permission is a long-term investment, and no one can become a brand with which one wants to bond overnight.

To start a relationship, the best way to attract people is by inviting them to know something and not to buy something.

After the potential client get to know you, the process of creating the relationship must continue.

The company must continue to communicate and strengthen that relationship over time. To be able to do that, your brand should reinforce the initial message and educate potential customers about the advantages of their products.

With the relationship, comes trust.

The consumer gradually remembers and feels confident in the brand. It means that when the customer chooses to buy, he/she buys from someone they trust and not from an unknown brand 💪🏽